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♥ The first time I met you
Wednesday, 22 August 2012 • 19:53 • 0 comments

Assalamualaikum. Hi awak semua! Kita rindu nak update blog.... So how your eid's guys? Is everything okay? I hope everything is okay. My eid's is very not awesome actually. cause my trial is just around the corner. Imma so nervous & not ready yet. "Dear myself please wake up... Take the books and start do some revision!" Ugh so bad. Wish me luck guys for the trial nanti! Dua' for me & the all the 95's students for our trials. Amin ya rabbal alamin.

Actually.... I want to share something. Hehehe. I feel so shy shy right now. Hahaha. *Gedik ah Shazreen* Enough enough.... Let's start proceed what I wanna share *tiup tudung like Syeera Radzi* Lulz.

21 August 2012 is a date. Yes for sure everyone know it's a date. On that day, my dream comes true! I really wish to meet the person that I'm falling in love for seven month because we never meet each other since we're in relation. But at last my dream comes true. Alhamdulillah... Now I've met him, Danial Afif.

Tepat pukul 11.40 pm, he arrived my home. So late right? Haha. I saw the person that I really want to meet wearing blue t-shirt with jeans. He looks a little chubby. Hehe. So much emotions playing in my minds when I see him in front of my own eyes. Rasa rindu yang teramat sangat. Rasa nak menangis. Rasa nak lempang muka dia. Rasa malu yang teramat sangat. My hand that time was very cold.

He not came alone but with his uncle & his cousin. My mom berborak dengan uncle dia and yeah for sure Danial & me berborak but dekat halaman rumah. Need some privacy. Lulz. I thought I was dreaming when I see he in front of my eyes. But I was not dreaming. It's happened.

And for sure I will never ever forget the moment when I'm with you. This eid, my memories with you. This memories will be the most I love & keep playing in my mind.

I think enough till here. What happened after that just him & me know about it. Cukuplah cerita sampai sini. When I keep remember the moment when I'm with you I feel like to cry. Idk why.... I wish I can stop the time when I'm with you. So then, I'll always beside you. I love you so much, Danial Afif. Till here. Lots of  Love, Reen ♥


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