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Thursday, 5 July 2012 • 01:59 • 0 comments
Assalamualaikum. Today I feel like to update this blog. Hm, I really miss someone. I really miss him so much. I wish I can hear his voice right now. I'm crying right now. He didn't replied my DM. "Bila perempuan lain, ada jeh masa awak reply kan...... How about me?" That's in my mind. Dear awak, I really really miss you, sayang. Yes, really miss you.

That's Dena Bahrin with her husband. Yes................. I really love to see them. They're so sweet. I also watch their video at Youtube. How her husband propose her. How cute is it and I feel touched. "Love After Marriage" is how they prove their love. Semua orang nak macam dia kan? I'm not lying even myself also wish to have love how Dena gets her love. But "How Allah creates different person, and also how Allah creates different story for them.". Yes I trust it and I know I will have my own story.

"Today, I would say, I believe in Love after marriage. I know, not everyone can get it. But you know, if you love someone, protect the 'love' . Protect the sweetness. If I could ever convince people how amazing it is to actually 'bercinta bagai nak rak.'' after married. it would be nice. I swear to Allah, Girls, protect your dignity,your heart and guys, please protect the girl you love. Please save your love story. Choose someone to marry, not someone for you to only walk around and be happy." -DenaBahrin

I hope the "Jodoh" that has been determined by the Allah Swt for me can bring me to Jannah. InshaAllah. I know I'm not enough good for a good man, but I still want a man that can take care of me, protect me, and love me for who I am. And the one who can accept my weaknesses. No one is perfect.


Dear Danial, I wish you're the man that will bring me to Jannah. Promise to me eh? I never regret knowing your presence in this world. I want end up our relationship with "Akad nikah". One day, Amin.......... As long as you promise me one thing. Help me and accompany me in getting to Jannah.

P/s : Allah knows how much I miss you. The ache in my pain where only I am the only one who can feel it. I love you, D.

I should sleep right now. Already 2 am. Tomorrow I'm sure I'll sleepy in the class. I'm sorry, teachers/sir. Night!! Lots of love, Reen ♥


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