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♥ No more pink this time
Tuesday, 6 December 2011 • 22:50 • 0 comments

Heyylaa! I'm back again. I'm just make a few change in my blog. Haha. Can you see the difference? Firstly, I change my header. Can you see the cute girl? I mean the header okay. Not me. Haha. Just be yourself. I'm just be myself. I love to do broken english. So what? Do I disturb your life? So just shut up! At least I'm trying learn to write in English. Still want to give condemnation? I love you ♥ Busybody. Then usually my blog will be pinky pinky pinky. I know it's make you bored. Now I change background like at the outer space. Whoa look amazing kan? Okay kidding. Then many things that I change. You can see it by yourself right? I hope you like it.

Bile aku tak jujur nan kau, kau marah-marah aku. Fine aku dengar semua celoteh kau semua. Kau marah-marah aku dengar. Tapi bile aku dah jujur kau malah menyakitkan hati aku. Aku pun tak tahu ape yang kau  panas sangat dengan aku. Aku fikir benda nih dah berakhir. Malas cakap lebih-lebih. Maafkan kesilapan aku. K Byeee. Assalamualaikum.

I don't know what to say. Ahaa many things happen in my life. Anyway, I still smile. Allah always there for me. And I still have my family. As long I didn't lose them, I will smile and smile. Ya as you know I'm a Powerpuff Girl (Y) Peace babe, dude! Haha. That's funny. I know I'm not doing well in English but practise make perfect right? Then next year I will have a big exam. Erghh! Headache when think it. Now, I'm so bored because he go to futsal. At 1am, he will back home. It's too late. After that we will Super Saver. I'm waiting you, dear! Muahx :* I love you ♥ I want watch " Conan ". Hihi. Like a child.  Till here, Nyte. Lots of love. Reen :*


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