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Saturday, 3 December 2011 • 03:56 • 0 comments

Hello ebelibadyyy! As you see my title post and the picture above, you think who is she? Do you know her? If you want to know her more, you can find here CLICK HERE. Sorry my innocent lawyerr! I sell your link blog :P Hewhew. First of all, I want to say thanks to Tiha cause make a post about me at her blog. Ouhh I really appreciate it cute girl ♥ Ouh I love you :* Muahamuahamuha.

You can see right? She has a beautiful face, nice girl, friendly, talk much ouh, love to have debate with me. Ouhh I really love to debate with her cause both of us will become so nonsense. Haha It's make me laugh when think it back. We just debate about nonsense thing. Then she also very intelligent ouhh and that make me feel very jealous with you. Hihi. Dia nih budak MRSM nihh. Don't play-play haa!

Ouhh I really love this picture. Can you see that she wears long skirt, then a nice blouse then wearing suitable scarf then the most thing her smile. Ouhh really awesomee! Nice dress up. Make me fall in love with this picture. So lucky Sham Taufiq got you. Tiha, I know you will have a big smile when you read this. Hihihi.

Dear lil sister, as you wish I hope also we can be more close each other. When I have debate with you, I always nonsense. Not so good for you actually :P Hihi. And again as you wish I hope so we can meet one day. Amin Iloveyou lil cute sis ♥

Skype-ing with my Handsome Superman. Ouhh I miss him so much. Hihi. Till here, Lots of love. Reen :*


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