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♥ New look
Friday, 25 November 2011 • 00:10 • 0 comments

Hey super duper! So how your day? Ya maybe someone say today is a happy day and maybe someone say today is a bad day and so on. Well that's called life? Okay for me today is a bored day. Wake up from sleep, eat then online until late night then sleep. If I got tuition, then my bored will less cause I'll meet him and friends  ♥. It's will happen until the holiday end. Ohh damn -.- It's will make me suffer bored disease! Friends, can we hang out? I miss my friends so much especially GGP wehh :'/ I miss school time and  I miss to wear my librarian uniform. Hihi. I have change my style layout. I'm learning from others blog then I'm use my mind to make this all by myself. I hate messy blog so I just try to make it tidy.

Hari nih adik kite kann sunat. Nama dia Muhammad Afifi. Aku panggil dia " Balang ". Dia sekarang 11tahun. So kene lahh sunat sebab next year dia dah 12tahun. Malu lee kalau kawan tanye dah sunat ke belum kan kan? Hihi. Seriously aku cakap, sebelum nak tibanye hari dia sunat, dia hyperactive semacam -.- Boleh naik darah Mama dibuatnye. Tapi aku faham cause dia nak hilangkan rase takut actually. Hihi. So amacam sunat? Dia kata " Tak sakit punn. " Gile bajet adik aku. Haha. Ape-2 punn cepat lahh habis pantang sunat ye Balang :* 

So how do you think about this new look? Haha. Yaa, maybe for a few people think it's too simple. But for me it looks satisfied. When there are to much gadget in our blog, it will be heavy and very loading. You can make yours look pretty but make sure it's not loading. Nvm if you not agree what I've said. That's just my opinion. Different person different opinion. And because of this editing too, I have learn many things about Html code. Ouhh I feel very excited. I hope one day I can make my own blogskin. Hey stop mumbling lahh. No one will read your blog. But here I want to say " Thank You " to person that like to read my blog. I love you! But I do love Ahmad Nazrin more ♥ Don't be jealousy yaa? Just kidding, don't take it serious. Allah Swt is the most. Till here. Lots of love. Reen :*


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