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♥ I was tagging, Babe (Y)
Friday, 28 October 2011 • 16:05 • 0 comments

Hey my loyalty readers! Ohh Myy Allahh! I was tagged in this game. Okayy, that's funny. Hihihi. Ignore me, babe? Eksaitedd maybee. So I'm going to proceed now. Let's go, don't waste the timee!

You must post these rules.
Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post. And create eleven new questions for the people you tagged to answer.
You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them to the post.
Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
No tag backs.
No stuff in the tagging section about 'You are tagged if you are reading this' you legitimately (a.k.a really, trust, with all honesty) have to tag 11 people.

11 Things about Reen:
♥ My name is Nurul Shazreen Bt. Muhammad Sabri
♥ Admire photograpy
♥ I'm the sister and have 3 brothaa
♥ Black forest
♥ Cry is the way I release sadness
♥ Single
♥ Obses with Bruno Mars
♥ Loving, Sensitive is me
♥ Talk much if you give her chance
♥ Always be as a photographer
♥ Friends the best

Puteri Nurhazeera questions:
1. Do you love your blog?
      Ofcourse, dear.
2. Conon or Nikon?
      Both I have try. So, both I love.
3. Rayban or Oakley
4. Single or taken?
5. Do you have a gf/bf ?
      No, I already 28days broke up with him.
6. Facebook or Twitter?
      Both I active.
7. Do you like eating?
      Love it much!
8. Do you have a feeling with somone?
      Totally have.
9. Do you love him/her? *honestly
      I love him so much.
10. What's your favourite subject?
      I love Maths Moden & Additional Maths.
11. Dreaming or Eating?
      Dreaming cause He always be my dreams.

My questions:

1. Admire photography?
2. Do you have an unforgettable memory?
3. Good or Bad memory?
4. With who?
5. Who more loyal, Boys or Girls?
6. Favoutite actor?
7. Do you admire someone?
8. Your dreams?
9. What do you think about Love?
10. Love or friends?
11. Favourite chocolate?


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Izzaty Sulaiman ♥ Inani Nazri ♥ Adhinde smile ♥ Rabie Aunie ♥ Pyka

At last, I'm done with my work! Thanks a lot to Puteri Nurhazeera cause tagged me in this game. For who are tagged by me, Goodluck yaa! Sorry if my question a little bit nonsense. I didn't have an idea to think it. So, I just write what I wantt. Teheee (Y)


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