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Thursday, 3 January 2013 • 00:00 • 0 comments

Assalamualaikum yeah for a long long long long time I'm not updating my blog since I was so busy with my life. Yes I was spm candidate in 2012 & now I'm eighteen. I don't want to tell anything abt spm just I hope you guys can pray the best for my result. Aamiin.

What I'm doing rn just stay at home like a boss eh no I'm doing house chores ok. I want to be 'anak dara yang baik' for my mom hehe & 'a good wife to be for my future husband' lol me. My father never let me to work for my leisure time include danial never let me haha. So, my option is stay at home the end but sometime I feel so bored sigh.

My purpose for updating my blog today just for uhm uhm 3 January 2012, the date I started to fall in love with him until now 3 January 2013. Yes, we already one year & I'm so thankful to Allah swt. Alhamdulillah.

Thats quote so true & it happened on myself rn. Ya the way how us turn into a relationship maybe not so romantic. It happened so fast. We're skype-ing from 11pm until 5am then we already in a relationship. Ya I know it's funny to remember it but we already one year walaupun cara kiteorang tak 'se-romantic' other couple hahaha. Maybe you guys would say 'Alah one year je pun' eh I tell you, even one year you don't know 'how mean it is to me'. 


Hi mamat yang bernama Danial Afif bin Kamarul Bahrin, me Nurul Shazreen binti Muhammad Sabri nak ucap 'Happy anniversary' sayang. Now I can wish anniversary bcs anniversary equal to one year hehe. I'll never get tired to say this, I love you awak so much. Ya maybe I can't give you anything, but I just can do this, write about this at blog & you can keep read it when you miss me eh hehehe. I'm sorry for everything for what I've done such as make you badmood/angry. I'm sorry I can't be perfect & that's why I need you to make my life perfect

'I love a boy named Danial Afif' 'Who's Danial Afif' 'A person that always teach me how to cry, teach me how to get mad but he also a person that always draw smile on my face & teach me the meaning of patience'

Here I am wanna say thank you for come to my life & now you already being a part of my life. Everyone's dreaming a perfect relationship & long lasting relationship & end up the relationship with marriage include myself. And thats what I hope for our relationship too. In Shaa Allah diizinkan Allah hubungan kita berkekalan, aamiin! 

'How I wish you are here by my side' 'Maybe I'm not by your side all the time, but remember I am always in your heart'

I know my english is so bad. So sorry for the broken english bcs I just wrote what I want to. Well good night love & people!


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